Should You Run From Jesus Always?

Christians! Should You Run From Jesus Always?The BIG question is:

Should You Run From Jesus Always?

Watch the video: The Jesus Always Devotional, Should You RUN?

Jesus Always is the sequel to Sarah Young's first book, Jesus Calling. Is it any better? Well... no... this is not a devotional you should be reading. You should RUN from Jesus Always!

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Jesus Always is an interesting follow-up to Jesus Calling. There has been an obvious effort to include more Christian language and doctrine. But as you'll learn from the new book "Should You RUN From Jesus Always?" the underlying New Age principles are still there, and like Jesus Calling this new Sarah Young devotional is written as though Jesus is speaking.

What's wrong with writing a devotional as though Jesus were speaking the words?

He didn't speak the words!

That is the simple truth. Jesus never spoke the words in the Jesus Always devotional. Take a look at this sample chapter from "Should You RUN From Jesus Always?" -- Jesus Always: A Quick Test.

Jesus Always - Putting It To The Biblical Test

However, this quick test is not a Biblical test. Scripture tells us to be like the Bereans and test books such as Jesus Always using scripture. And besides, maybe I'm biased and can't do a fair evaluation. Shouldn't we use an independent test based on biblical principles? The book "Should You RUN From Jesus Always? does just that.

Eat The Meat, Spit Out The Bones

I received an email from a lady who disagreed with me about running from Sarah Young's first devotional book, Jesus Calling. She felt that it was okay to read Jesus Calling, if you "eat the meat and spit out the bones." But, I pointed out that the problem with Jesus Calling isn't the bones, it's the poison. And you can't spit out the poison. Plus, with Jesus speaking all the words in Jesus Calling, there is no meat.

Jesus Always - September 5thBut, what if someone gives you a copy of Jesus Always? You know it's bad teaching, so you don't read it, but you do put it on your bookshelf. Is that a problem? Yes, it is. Read this sample chapter titled: "Why You Should Run from Jesus Always."

The book is about 230 pages. Some of the topics include:

  • Putting Jesus Always To The Test
  • Experiencing The Presence of God
  • True Joy, What Does Scripture Say?
  • Jesus Speaking, Sinful or Acceptable?
  • Doesn't Jesus Understand Scripture?
  • The Mother Tereasa Test - tests your faith

A number of Jesus Always devotions are examined in the book. It even looks at a devotion that Sarah Young has identified as one of her favorites.

The image to the right is a copy of the September 5th Jesus Always devotion, hand written by Sarah Young. I received this from the publisher, Harper Collins Christian Publishing. They identified this devotion as one of Sarah Young's favorites. When this devotion is evaluated against scripture, it falls short of being Biblical. You can read the complete evauation in the book "Should You RUN From Jesus Always?"

Look through the complete table of contents (click here) online. Use this link to read a brief introduction to the Problems with Jesus Always

"Should I RUN From Jesus Always," is available on Amazon.

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